Global Partnerships, Fonkoze Pledge to Reach 50,000 Women in 3 Years

In a partnership with Linked Foundation, Fonkoze and Global Partnerships plan to reach 50,000 poor and ultra poor women in Haiti with essential health services. In 2010, 15 percent of the poor market women served by Fonkoze left our program because of expenses related to health issues,” said Carine Roenen, Director of Fonkoze. “For years our … [Read more…]

Zidisha Turns Microfinance on its Head

While conducting fieldwork for a microfinance organization in West Africa in 2006, Zidisha Microfinance founder Julia Kurnia noticed something startling. Loans that were funded at zero interest by well-meaning participants at popular microlending websites were costing the impoverished beneficiaries more than 35% on average in interest and fees. The exorbitant rates were charged by the local intermediary organizations that administered … [Read more…]

Points to Ponder: What is Microfinance?

By Diane Lourdes Dick.  What is microfinance? Does the term refer to a series of financial transactions, or does it suggest a social movement? Is microfinance defined by qualitative factors, or in terms of the economic value of each loan? If the latter, is the value ceiling set in real or relative terms? If the former, what are … [Read more…]