Take a “Virtual” Microfinance Journey — February 5 at REI

Interested in traveling to Latin America to see microfinance programs in action? If so, Global Partnerships (GP), which leads microfinance PartnerTrips twice a year to countries in Central and South America, has two opportunities you might be interested in. Next Friday, February 5, GP will host a “virtual” PartnerTrip experience at REI in Seattle. Called … [Read more…]

February Microfinance and Microbrews: Lumana

Please join SeaMo as we feature Seattle microfinance startup Lumana at our February Microfinance and Microbrews event. When: February 18, 6pm-9pm RSVP on Facebook Where: 1201 1st Avenue South Seattle, WA 98134-1238  www.pyramidbrew.com Lumana was founded in 2008 by UW graduate, Sammie Rayner, who saw the value of providing microcredit to rural communities in Ghana. … [Read more…]