Microfinance Innovation Facility Offers Research Grants

The Microfinance Innovation Facility will be awarding $10,000 grants for academic research in the field of microinsurance. For more information, visit the official posting. The Microfinance Innovation Facility is a program of the International Labour Organization.

Microinsurance: the logical next step in microfinancial services

Last week I had an opportunity to speak with someone working in the field of microinsurance. As a professional in the reinsurance industry, he become intrigued by the idea of how microinsurance–the provision of insurance policies to the same constituencies who benefit from microcredit and microsavings–could benefit from the same pooling of risks that the … [Read more…]

Investment Performance Officer – Global Partnerships

Salary: Compensation: Competitive salary with comprehensive benefits package. Education: Bachelor (BA, BS, etc.) Location: Seattle, Washington, 98105, United States Posted by: Global Partnerships  Last day to apply: December 1, 2008 Position: Investment Performance Officer  Location: Seattle, WA Reports to: Director of Investment Performance Founded in 1994, Global Partnerships (GP) is a rapidly growing nonprofit organization … [Read more…]

Communications Coordinator – Unitus

Description: Unitus, an international nonprofit organization, works to reduce global poverty by increasing access to life-changing microfinance services. We seek out and partner with young, high-potential microfinance (MF) providers, helping them build capacity, attract capital, and achieve exponential growth. Through this leveraged approach, Unitus seeks to empower millions of the world’s working poor while transforming … [Read more…]

Global Partnerships and Unitus in Collaboration to Reduce Currency Risk for Microfinance Borrowers

Global Partnerships and Unitus, along with a number of the world’s other leading microfinance investment vehicles, have created an organization to handle bulk currency swaps. The new organization, MFX Solutions, will allow Global and Unitus to lend in local currency. Because of the volatility of exchange rates, lending in local currency significantly reduces risk for … [Read more…]

Liveblogging from Guatemala: Don Schlosser on the ground with Global Partnerships and Global Visionaries

Don Schlosser, SeaMo’s resident finance expert, is traveling in Guatemala this week visiting projects supported by Global Visionaries and Global Partnerships, two of Seattle’s most exciting development organizations. We’ll be posting his dispatches as they come in. Don’s first dispatch relates an interesting critique of microfinance: I’m here in Antigua, Guatemala visiting the local staff … [Read more…]